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Your professional headshot is your first impression, and first impressions count. Employment-oriented social networking services such as Linkedin can connect you to a wide range of trusted contacts all around the world. As we evolve into a new medium of building business relationships, we now expanded the ability to reach out for that one job weu2019ve always wanted. The first thing they Will see, is your professional headshot.

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1) Represent Who You Are

Stand out from the crowd and think about what makes you unique and special. Are you a great salesperson or communicator? Whatever your profession is there is a way to express it through a single headshot.
It’s also important to choose a style of the photo shoot that reflects “you”. Who are you trying to market and how to dress accordingly. Depending on the occupation, your photo shoot should adapt to achieve your professional look.

2) Go Natural

A natural look and smile, will make you look more cordial and approachable. Even what you consume such as hot drinks or caffeine can make you look sweaty and flustered. Food intake can make you feel tired or bloated. Stay hydrated and eat light and healthy, then your skin will have a healthy glow.

3) Prepare Your Pose

Practice for that natural pose you want to achieve. Many photographers are on a tight schedule, so be ready when your session begins. Try standing in front of a mirror, practice makes perfect!

4) The Clean Look

It’s very important as you enter the photo shoot is to remove all oil and grease from your skin and hair. For women: avoid wearing too much foundation or shiny make-up. Spray tans are also not recommended. Go natural and let the professionals do their work.

5) Distraction of Colors

When it comes to your wardrobe during the photo shoot, stay simple. Stay within the mid-tone colors, they work best. Don’t choose anything with bold, distracting patterns or colors. This will distract people from looking at your face.

6) Get Your ZZZ’s

Make sure you get a good amount of sleep. Being in the business world, it’s definitely easier said than done. But it’s clearly noticeable when someone hasn’t had enough rest. Nobody wants to do business or work with someone who looks exhausted. So make sure you reserve a lot of time for some sleep.

7) Be Colorful

Unless you are going for the Film Noir look, which is not recommended for a headshot. Go for the more modern colorful look. Keep your photos crisp and at high resolution, this is quality. We want you to look radiant.

8) Keep Eye Contact

Part of giving a powerful first impression is eye contact. Eye contact shows that you are interested in building relationships as well as being the right person to discuss new business with. You will look engaged and interested.
So sit up straight and tall, remember to make eye contact. Having good posture also demonstrates having more authority and confidence in your headshot.

9) Make Way for Crop

Many of our social sites automatically crop images. Forcing you to either compromise the aspect ratio and your photo can look pixelated or your crop is too close to your face with no personal space. Plan for this to make sure the cropped image is still sharp and keeps you looking your best.

10) Stay in the Studio

Always go for shoots at the studio and avoid outdoor settings for a professional headshot. Couple of the many factors would consist of the background being too distracting or the weather won’t be as cooperative. You are the focus, so studios can custom the background and lighting to showcase “you”.

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