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Commercial Photographer, Erick Bech is an innovative and highly versatile commercial and advertising photographer. His talent and unique vision have been trusted with developing corporate advertising projects, catalog and magazine promotions, as well as next generation web marketing. He specializes in shooting products both on location and in studio to fit the time and monetary means of any of his clients. His years of experience with the creative process and exposure to the ideals of his clientele give him the ability to collaborate and integrate his professional experience into each and every project. His passion for the commercial photography industry is highly visible from project conceptualization all the way through the last stages of retouching, ensuring his clients are exceedingly satisfied.

“I’m a product photographer. My style is clean and light. I work on projects ranging from jewelry catalogs to motorcycle magazines. I’m a visual person, and very much into mechanical things.


Erick Bech

Product Photographer

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