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Pre-Shoot Advice for Women

Pre-Shoot Advice for Profile Pictures

Here are some valuable headshot tips to make your profile pictures stand out! At 805 studios we strive to achieve that professional look for your corporate headshot while providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Bringing out the best version of you!

Below are general tips. To start off with; Get plenty of rest the night before, this will allow you to be radiant and alert the next day for your headshot. Also making sure you stay hydrated to have that glowing skin and eat your wheaties!


Suit Jackets, Sleeveless Dresses, Patterns, Colors and Jewelry

Before the photoshoot go pamper yourself. Treat yourself to a manicure. Arrive with clean looking nails are a sign of success and an accessory such as a modern looking watch can help you look as successful as the people you would like to attract to do new business with you.

Hair and Nails

Making sure your hair color is presentable is essential, so if you’re not happy with how your roots are looking, please make sure you visit a salon prior to the corporate headshot. Avoid any bold hair colors.

When it comes to nails; French manicured, pale/nude colors
work well. Stay away from neon color nails. Try to compliment the nail color with the outfit, and if you’re doing multiple outfits, perhaps keep it neutral, this will allow your nail color to adapt with different outfits.

For Less Corporate

For the less corporate individual, such as an entrepreneur in tech, food, arts, design, fashion and blogging, go for more contemporary fashion where you can still look sharp. Stay away from hoodies or anything that looks too casual. Dressing sharp attracts and keeps wanted attention. Attention is wanted when you are seeking to establish yourself. Stand out from the crowd!

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